Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travel Tickets ... By Samih Al Qasim (1939 - Aug 19, 2014)

The day I'm killed
My killer, rifling through my pockets
Will find travel tickets

One to peace
One to the fields and the rain
And one to the conscience of humankind

Dear killer of mine, I beg you
Do not stay and waste them

Take them 
Use them
I beg you to travel

Mike Tyson (15 Years Old)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Girl From Arroz (Poem) (By Jafar Alam)

When the sky weighed low and heavy, like a lid
On the exhausted spirit, given up the fight
And over the whole horizon it was solid
Pouring out a black day more sad than the nights
The girl from Arroz arrives
To teach me how to long for the immense beauty of the ocean
And though it is okay if we find ourselves lost in its depths
All that matters, is that we never come out of it again
There was a sadness that lived in her eyes
Like the cracked window of a house that had long been abandoned

We died quietly each day 

Quite afraid to live 
Quite afraid to die
On the night of her departure
Her eyes, like glass, cried diamonds 
When I said “farewell”
I held her 
As the night holds the moon
The sunrise stole our dreams 
And I was left chasing her shadow

All my strengths knelt to one weakness
In her 
Rises my sun
Away from her 
Lays eternal night
I tell her to close her eyes
And call it “escape” 
One day we’ll run away from everything
I close my eyes 
And fall in love with all the parts of her 
She cannot see ©


This is my heart to rock you steady... 
I'll give you love the time you're ready ...

Monday, August 11, 2014