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Friday, June 24, 2011

Return To Innocence (Poem) ... By Jafar Alam

I offer you light

In this land
Love carries weight

And may you taste the sweetness of all your dreams

You are the world
Listening to itself awake

Live recklessly in love
With the unknown of your life

Relax, Smile, Breath, Expand, Unwind, Love, Live and Prosper

The past and the future are only in our imagination
The present moment is the only one that never ends

And I'm tryina speak the unspoken word

Show me the revolution in your love
The riot in your smile

Show me a heart

Live and dwell in the laughter of your living

Queens are for Kings

Is still in style

Show love
Grow love

What is the man
Without the woman ???

We are the children of children
So God bless the child that has its own

She walked by you

Your eyes whistled open

She was
The BOMB!!!

She forgot her heat
And you fell in love

You smile

You think of her
Like a waking dream

She holds your hand
And your spine melts
In the sand dunes of her palm

And experience forms the learning

There is learning and unlearning to do

This is a world, where beauty absurdly dies

Love, lest you become hopeless

Pray, lest you become restless

Without words

Gaze into each others eyes
That is the original art of storytelling

Be a wind on the ocean

Be the horizons mouth
Freeing a sunset into her eyes

A smile
Sounds different

Fill an empty house with wishes

Listen to the silence
It has more to say than you think

Search for God
And there you will find Him

Write poems to her rhythm

Beauty is a transforming element
Of the mind

So look at her again
And tell her

That the moon
On its fullest night
Aint got nothing on her glow

ON A SIDE NOTE: Dear random person, life is waiting for you to step into your greatness

This is the beginning of forever

The first time you knew she loved you

Life lives
And death dies

Give thanks
For every moment
Every second
Every person
Every breath
Every fault
Every chance
Every laugh
Every sigh
Every mercy

You can never find light
While analyzing darkness

You'll never find magnificence
By analyzing your faults

Is the fragrance of laughter and new love

All the joy in our earthly lives
Is but a glimpse to what awaits

Are relentless magic my friend

Remember when you first met her
She was giving birth
To a beautiful smile

I think happiness looks good on you

She thinks so too

As she
Watches you catch her heart

Making you feel alive
Is the best mistake
She ever made

She will blow wishes with your fallen eye lashes

She will take your breath away, just by breathing

She will silence you, just by being

And remind you that it takes courage
To interrogate yourself

Your yester-years

The beginning of your tomorrow
Is today

The heart has many languages

Every generation
Is the lost generation

Until we find ourselves
We are always searching

With your spirits strong and brave
Why don't you repaint the skies

And cherish each other
Like an un-ending gift from God

You have forever
To re-discover each other

Search for truth
Between breaths

Make her feel as special
As she makes you feel

And try to make smiles
Seek her for their permanent home

Tell her she's beautiful because she's from God

Tell her that she proves
Women can clap thunder in glass jars
And name it holy

Tell her that you love to love to love

Tell her that you're on cloud 8
Looking for an upgrade

Tell her that you're a slave to her love
But you're still broke as a joke
Cause minimum wage replaced slavery

At every step
A new love story is born

In this moment
Exists the story of your 2 hearts

In a world where sorrows wear faces of happiness

Promise her
That until "Never" comes
You're loving her forever

Embrace humility
Admit to when you're wrong
And don't let pride keep the words
"I'm sorry"
From your lips

Look at her
And dream with your eyes open

Look at her
And pray the horizon glows on the crevice of your first childs smile

Knowing that one of the best things a man can do
For his children
Is love their mother

Look into her eyes
See your grandchildren sitting around her skirt
Asking grandma to tell them a story

Look at her and tell her
That if you knew how to translate your heart beating in her presence
You'd speak a language that the two of you would never return from

Sometimes you are the splendor of another awakening in yourself
And other times
You are the wind sleeping on the shore of your mothers heart

Each time free

Come back
To the root of the root
Of yourself

Come back to that time
That day
That hour
That minute
That second
That moment

Before we learned to hurt
And cheat
And steal
And lie

Come back

And return

To innocence ©